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Dear Christine Eder,
Over the past two years, you and your IBS-team have supported us on our way to becoming a safety-conscious company and have been largely responsible for our success!
With practical and lively workshops, you have given all our employees across all hierarchical levels an understanding of methods and tools, but especially of the change in thinking that every company needs on the way to an accident-free operation.
One could feel in every minute that you are not doing your duty, but that behaviour-based occupational safety and health is your real passion.
Thank you for the successful cooperation, it was also fun!

— Dr. Karl-Josef Sassen
Dipl.- Chemiker, Managing Director

"IBS has provided our organisation with crucial support and has been a huge help to us on our path to zero accidents. The IBS consultants always succeed in getting the management as well as the shift workers to participate actively.
IBS/Evonik: One Team – One Dream!"

— Dr. Ulrich Küsthardt 
Evonik Coatings & Additives President

"We have reduced our accident rate by about 80 % the last 4 years, and I am sure the program that IBS-Consulting has been running in our company has made a significant contribution to this. You made us aware of behaviour aspects of our working traditions that we did not even realize that they existed. We want to continue working with you, because we know safety never stops and we are never satisfied with the results. Even if we have no accidents, we can still improve. It not only helps safety, but also quality, productivity and workplace satisfaction in general. I also know that IBS-Consulting is always willing to learn and be happy to implement the latest improvements with us.
Thanks for all the good work."

— Johan van der Werf
Global Safety Manager Quadrant Group a Mitsubishi Chemical Company

"Excellent collaboration, very good integration into the ‛on-site conditions’ with the result that the employees identify with the content of the training. It is amazing how many topics stick for so long, especially that of walking safely."

— Franz-Xaver Karl 
BMW AG Manager Assembling

"I worked for Siemens for 40 years. Mr Schmaeling, I have always admired you and your team for your dedication and the friendly way you treat people. I was always glad when a colleague said: We’re having an IBS Consulting …"

— Karl Zimmer
Siemens AG Senior Safety Engineer

"We have achieved a great deal with their support. They used their pedagogical knowledge and skills effectively and adapted their work exactly to the needs of our company. We would like to sincerely thank them for their work and personal commitment …"

— Dr. Heinrich Röck
Degussa AG Executive Board

"The cooperation with IB S represented for the plant Bayer HealthCare Manufacturing di Garbagnate (Milano) a strong impulse to better understand how important worker behaviour is in order to improve their awareness of risks and achieve safer behaviour as a result. IBS gives useful advice on how to motivate safe work behaviour a nd how to motivate our employees to behave in a safer manner and use PPE. The f irst step was to speak, listen and understand the workers’ obstacles in achieving safer behaviour. We learned that involving the workers in writing safety rules or selecting PPE is the best solution for creating the safe behaviour workers need."

— Dr. Sergio Re
Bayer S.p.a. Milano, Italy Site Manager

"The scientific approach and the training were excellent! Having native speakers and the way they adapted the training to our local culture was ideal."

— Gabriel Gerardo
Mexico EHS Manager Clariant Producción

"The participants go home from these very interesting trainings with an increased consciousness concerning workplace safety. Conscious action and a higher degree of attention positively affect not only the company, but private life as well. The diverse topics and the tasks connected to them grab the attention of the participants every time and their feedback shows us that these seminars can contribute much to the safety of our employees."

— Gerald Klade
Mondi Frantschach Kraft PaperHead of Safety

"In close cooperation with Institute Bruno Schmaeling we put in place a new training programme which focused on the avoidance of behaviour-based workplace accidents. Through this training programme, it was possible to avoid accidents which previously had been classified as “human failure” and which could not be prevented effectively through any means. Accidents in our aeroplane production facility were reduced significantly though this training programme."

— Dipl. Ing. Hans Moser
Senior Safety Manager Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm GmbH (later Airbus AG) Manching

"Safety is not a matter of chance but a product of hard work, a good team and the right methods. When it comes to such methods Institut Bruno Schmäling is an invaluable partner for Synthomer Deutschland GmbH.

The majority of our accidents were due to unsafe behaviour. The challenge we were facing was to change the awareness and behaviour of our employees.

As we are mainly engineers and chemists and therefore have a very scientific mindset, we needed support which was grounded in psychology. The approach, delivery of psychological background knowledge and practical exercises provided by IBS consultant Thomas Klaholz were key to successfully changing the safety culture at the plant.

Thanks to IBS we were able to celebrate 1000 days of zero accidents!

 We are looking forward to our future cooperation"

— Carsten Steffin
Site Manager Synthomer Deutschland GmbH

"Many thanks to the trainers of IBS! You have brought us a very different training! After these days training, the participants have
gradually realized this training was not like the previous familiar training which can teach us some skills or tools on how to deal with our problems or share some good practices of other Zone/company. They were inspired by Carmen and Tian’s teaching and the discussions, practices. There were a lot of self-thought, introspection, feelings, suggestions, comments, good ideas. Meanwhile, they had a lot of discussions and interactions on how to built safety culture, how to deliver the right safety message in a right way as a leader, how their behaviors will influence others, how to present the contents to the other safety leaders. I think that is the value this
training bring to us. Thank you again to bring a new training to us!"

— Suzy Du 杜雪蓓
Learning & Development, APAC North Anheuser Bush InBev China

"The approach to change conscious and unconscious behaviour (of Clariant employees) enabled us to focus on the right behavior and some new tools. As a result, we are able to significantly reduce our lost time accident rate and with this, the number of accidents within the group."

— Dr. Volker Hautzel
Corporate ESHA, Clariant AG AvoidingAccidents@Clariant Program Manager

"We were looking to take our safety program at McCain Foods to the next level when we began working with IBS and the Fundamentals of Safe Behaviour program. We felt it was a perfect fit to help drive forward our Target Zero Strategy and for our need to further engage our frontline employees in safety. IBS has partnered with us every step of the way to ensure the program fits our culture and to help ensure we delivered the results we are looking for."

— Ken Firchow
McCain Foods Ltd. Director Global Safety

"In addition to a series of internal measures, it was your training that made an important contribution to our success in workplace safety. We thank you for the many years of excellent work for our company."

— Dr. Schaefer-Rolffs
Saint-Gobain Oberland AG Senior EHS Manager

"We have enjoyed working with IBS since 2009. Most valuable to us has been the IBS ability to adapt their training programms to meet our specific needs, together with the opportunity to develop and review progress with a common programme across five European countries."

— David Starkey
Sun Chemical European EHS Director

"The training explained the backgrounds and causes of accidents in a completely new way. The IBS trainers were excellent – they challenged us and got us to participate actively in the trainings."

— Heribert Huber
SAPPI AG Supervisor

"Our business division has been working intensively with IBS worldwide since 2009. In this time, we have successfully developed our safety culture together."

— Dr. Rolf Ebert
Evonik Coating & Additives Vice President Environment, Health, Safety & Quality/EHSQ Coordinator

"In addition to economic efficiency and quality, the safety and health of our employees is the most important business objective of Wieland Werke. After having created the working conditions to achieve this target in the last few years, our focus is now on encouraging our employees to behave with a higher level of safety consciousness. IBS Consulting has been very successful is supporting us in this for five years now. Certain IBS behavioural principles have been rolled out in company-wide campaigns in order to anchor them in the heads of our employees."

— Stephan Schuster
Wieland Werke AG Senior Safety Engineer

"It has been 10 years now that IBS (Institute Bruno Schmäling Consulting Group) has been working with Mitsubishi Film Europe in the areas of behaviour-oriented safety and behaviour-oriented plant and process safety. And we have expanded this cooperation to further MCC Europe companies such as Alpolic and Quadrant.

Our greatest success was that in 2017 we achieved zero lost-time accidents! How were we able to do this? A large part of all accidents happens because of unconscious behaviour. It is our aim at MFE to make this unconscious behaviour conscious. Because only when we are conscious of our errors can we work to avoid them.

Thanks to the support provided by IBS we are able to maintain and build a safety culture which is supported by all hierarchical levels and with real conviction. We  carry out our safety tasks in a positive spirit. Together, we make sure that every employee is committed to working safely and is able to avoid accidents due to unsafe unconscious behaviour."

Mitsubishi Film Europe says “Thank you, IBS!”

— Ralf Schweer
Senior Manager Environment Safety & Health Mitsubishi Polyester Film GmbH
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